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Selesnya ([personal profile] taras_song) wrote in [community profile] placebo_fans on May 28th, 2009 at 09:24 pm
New Placebo Newsletter:

  • You can login to the playback 5 times from 9am on Friday 29th May until midnight Sunday 31st May.
  • Each login session allows you to listen to the complete album from start to finish!
  • Once the track finishes click the next button to continue to the next song.
  • You cannot pause or go back until your next login - so make sure you have time to enjoy the whole album!!
  • If you leave your listening session inactive for more than 15 minutes then you will be logged out and will miss out on one of your 5 playbacks!

To go to the Playback click here: <http://www.placeboworld.co.uk/battleforthesun
This exclusive playback is for you the fans, so that you can hear the new album before anyone else. Riverman Management and PLACEBO would like you to enjoy listening to the brand new album ‘Battle For The Sun’ but would also like to advise you that the music on this website is copyrighted content. Please support PLACEBO in not copying, recording or distributing this music.

Peace & Love


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